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    I aspire to make create the best visuals I can for each project, or artists, I’m working on, or with.  Above are some examples of my work and I hope it speaks for itself.  Coming from a musical background has helped me to specialise in arts based projects help original artists get the look and feel they want for their work.  I can provide 8 channel audio with mixing with live multi cam (x 4 cameras) setups, for live gigs, or on location video shoots.





    Cameras: Canon C100, Canon 6D, Panasonic GH5 – with Metabones “Ultra” speed booster, Panasonic GH4 – with Metabones speed booster, GoPro Hero 4

    Lighting: 3 x IKAN ID508 LED Lights, 1 x Aladdin Bi Flex 4 200w

    Lenses:  Anamorphic CinemaScope setup, Set of Zeiss Primes, plus numerous modern and vintage primes and zooms.

    Misc: Atmos Ninja Flame, Konova K5 Slider, Balanced (V-mount) powered Shoulder Rig





    I own a range of quality microphones that are ideally suited to location recording and can mix and master your audio to your satisfaction.  I can provide up to 10 channels of live recording myself or bring in 3rd party sound recordists for larger projects.

    1 x SE Gemini Mk ii

    2 x Rode NT1A (stereo pair)

    1 x Rode NT2A

    2 x AKG 214 (stereo pair)

    1 x SE2200A

    1 x AKG D112

    1 x AKG NTG3 shotgun mic (location interview audio)

    1 x Rode SM58

    2 x Rode SM57

    1 x Sennheiser Ew112-p Wireless Lavalier Microphone System



    Days editing (10am-6pm) £300 (or £40 per hour)

    Day/Evening (8 hour) Video Shoot £500 (plus travel)

    10 channel live audio tracking £100 (only available with video shoot)

    CONTACT ME:  danreddingvideo@outlook.com

    Extra Camera men/crew/photographer can be arranged (quotations available on request)

    SETUP TIMES (large shoots):

    Video/lighting setup time – Aprox 1 hour

    Audio setup – Aprox 1 hour

    Packing down video+audio – 1 hour