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    Jazz Videos!  I make videos and sometimes even get to play in them!





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    Guitarists!!! Check out the chord sheets and TABS under the “Guitar Tuition” TAB at the top of the Website.  If anyone has a suggestion, or request for a new song then send me an email and I’ll try and help you out! (danjazzproof@yahoo.co.uk) Jazz players check out the transcriptions and scales and SUBSCRIBE to Jazz Mondays!


    I’ve collaborated with some fantastic musicians, and have invested a great deal of time and finance, into establishing myself as specialist film maker for musicians.  If you’re interested look under the “Videography/Photography” section of the site where you can find examples of my work and pricing.


    About Me

    I’ve played in all kinds of different musical acts from the most outrageous cabaret nonsense you can imagine, to playing my own compositions with some amazing original bands…. All that has given me some really great times and let me hang out with some wonderful people.  I’ve also been lucky enough to work with musicians far greater than myself…. Many of them (hopefully) will let me record with them and stick them up on here for all of you to see…..  Anyway, I love Joe Pass, Charlie Parker, Tubby Hayes, Wes Montgomery, Oscar Peterson and am currently addicted to the Melvin Rhyne Organ trio, feat the great Peter Bernstein on Guitar…..  That’s probably a lot more than you need to know about me, but please explore the site!!!!




    You Can email me here:  danjazzproof@yahoo.co.uk


    “DRP” (Dan Redding Project) Live @ Boaters

    “DRP” (Dan Redding Project) LIVE @ Boaters play “Bare Stupidity”