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    I have shot some of the best known jazz musicians from around the world over the last few years and heavily invested in visual and audio recording equipment.  The above video and audio is all filmed, recorded and edited by myself, and is an example of the quality you can expect when using my video services.  I specialise in recording musicians, in particular live performances, or arranged video sessions (Like the one above) on location.  My unique insight into video and audio recording from a musicians point of view gives me an edge on other video services, when you’re looking to get the right feel, look and sound for your band.




    I shoot primarily with the Canon C100 cinema camera, the full frame Canon 6D and a Panasonic GH4, which is the most recent addition to the family (and can capture beautiful 4k footage).  I have various different rigs suited to multiple shooting scenarios as well as 3 fantastic IKAN LED battery powered lights that can be seen in most of the studio shoots I’ve done.  I have a small steady cam rig, a “Shape” mounted rig with focus pull, a fantastic Konova K5 slider (1.2 meters) and a Manfrotto fluid head tripod.  I use the Canon 70-200mm 2.8 ii for my telephoto footage and a Canon 24-105 f4 for when I go handheld.  I also have a Samyang 14mm 2.8, and a Sigma 24mm 1.8 for my wide shots.

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    I own a range of quality microphones that are ideally suited to location recording and can mix and master your audio to your satisfaction.  I can provide up to 8 channels of live recording myself or bring in 3rd party sound recordists for larger projects.

    1 x SE Gemini Mk ii

    2 x Rode NT1A (stereo pair)

    1 x Rode NT2A

    2 x AKG 214 (stereo pair)

    1 x SE2200A

    1 x AKG D112

    1 x AKG NTG3 shotgun mic (location interview audio)

    1 x SM58


    Days editing (10am-6pm) £300

    Day/Evening (6 hour) Shoot with Video/Audio £500 (plus travel)

    CONTACT ME:  danreddingvideo@outlook.com

    Extra Camera man/photographer on a shoot provides an additional angle in the edit and professional photos too!!!

    Fantastic for  providing extra promotional material  www.stevepringle.co.uk £200 (plus travel)

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